What did you say you did for a day job - These poems are getting better every time !

Nicky H

So beautiful, Love it. thanks for sharing 

Mary B

Brilliant, Great Job 🙌

Roy S

Class as always 👍🙌🐱‍🏍


Love it and proud to share x

Maya C

Excellent once again ! I admire your talent 

Melony G

This is EPIC & Genius - Love it 

Wayne C

Great stuff & cheering us all up 


Well done Gareth, another perfect poem xxx

Lucy W

An AMAZING Talent  !🎉

Kath M

Great work keep them coming 

Richard C

Brilliant Gareth, I've missed you lock-down lyrics 

John W

Super job sir !!!

Adam C

Where do these keep coming from 

Dan O

Absolutely awesome! Love it,. Gave me positive vibes this am x

Andy H

Brilliant, Great Job 🙌

Ben S

I LOVE your poems !!! 🙏🙌


Nice one, getting good at this now and your confidence on camera is ace

Faye P

Quality as ever 


That's ACE Gareth. Love it! your such a talented poet x 

Debbie C

Talented 👏

Tine H

Another great use of lyrics 

Julie C

Wonderful Gareth, truly wonderful x


WOW !That's Awesome Gareth 

Laura T

Brilliant.Nailed it, Shoud be proud 

Amy B