Time On Our Hands

Sad is not the best word to use at this awful time,

travesty is better, heart breaking or a crime.

To get to grips with COVID cannot be sugar coated,

it’s affecting everybody, even the devoted.


From care homes to NHS staff to key workers far and wide.

Teachers, drivers and bin men know where is safe to hide.

We’re all isolated while their bravery is illustrated, demonstrated.

To be decorated and celebrated. Never understated, debated or ever slated.


We salute the many people who we all now see as equal,

that are fighting for a cure to this, so we never have a sequel.

And while they do their vital work, we now find ourselves all grounded,

given an opportunity to become open and more rounded.


Could you become unbounded by the freedom of being unclouded?

Perhaps even astounded, by the fact that you’re not crowded.

Fill your time quite cleverly by using all your energy,

to create a special memory or shopping for the elderly.


Take up an online hobby to improve your ageing body?

Joe Wicks is great I hear, this could really be your year,

get fit and really clear, kick the habit of the beer, or is that too severe?

Whatever is your thing, do it with a spring,

you could even learn to sing, perfect a dance or make something?


When all of this is over, and many, back at work,

When your boss is getting angry, bordering on berserk.

This time will have been precious which you know you won’t get back,

So take the right precautions to prevent another attack.